Responsive to clients' needs while building long term confidential relationships. We are your "in house staff resource."

About Us

We are an economic consulting firm providing a broad array of services to the food industry.

Steiner Consulting Group is an economic consulting company that works with private clients providing a full array of services from purchasing and negotiating strategies, to price analysis and forecasting, to strategic planning and evaluation of forward contracting.

Our Mission
“To significantly improve the bottom line of food companies, primarily in the meat area, by providing customized consulting services on:  scheduling; planning; purchasing; pricing; and marketing.”

Steiner is committed to providing services that produce measurable bottom line results and offers a simple guarantee:
“If you do not get significant bottom line results, as measured by the client, there is no service charge.”


  • A highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff;
  • An excellent earned reputation for keeping confidences and improving bottom line results.
  • A large library of price series, macro economic statistics and industry information;
  • Extensive mathematical modeling equations on various areas of the industry;
  • Associations with various independent specialists that can quickly bring expertise on a variety of subjects;
  • Fresh eyes that have years of experience looking at procurement and merchandising opportunities;
  • Our staff has advanced degrees, degrees and training in business, economics, industrial and mechanical engineering, and animal science.  The majority of the staff has advanced degrees in addition to decades of hands on management experience running $100 million dollar and up businesses;
  • State of the art computers and communication equipment.

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