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Management Reports

We often work with clients in developing a framework for designing, measuring and reporting progress on specific goals and objectives as defined by top management. The purpose of these reporting tools is to provide a consistent flow of information that can be used to measure the effectiveness of various parts of an organization. As the reporting tool matures and is refined over time, it is often codified and transformed into a more automated process by the IT department within the organization. The inclination is to immediately make such reports an IT responsibility. Our view is that design and process is of paramount importance and the only way to create effective tools for measuring key performance indicators is by going through an iterative process, a process that may take time but eventually leads to useful measurable results. Some of our more recent management reports have focused on:

  • Developing key performance indicators for distribution, purchasing, foreign exchange and logistics functions
  • Tracking sales, inventory and supply ratios on a weekly basis for key products as they flow from manufacturing to distribution
  • Creating and maintaining commodity market reports as it pertains to specific finished goods
  • Designing and implementing systems to measure company-wide risk

Often these reporting tools are created as proof of concept in a matter of weeks, rather than months needed to develop an IT project.  Moreover, because of our experience and understanding of market dynamics, we have been able to make changes and suggestions which in an IT environment are much more time consuming.  Our clients have discovered that our prompt attention and thoroughness often turns a project from a vague ‘wish-list’ item to a tangible, usable report.  Our goal is not to provide a replacement for your IT department, rather, we try to develop robust reporting mechanisms that give management better tools to run their business while at the same time reducing IT development time and cost.

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