Responsive to clients' needs while building long term confidential relationships. We are your "in house staff resource."

Market Insights

Over the years we have assisted many successful wholesale, retail and food service companies to navigate change in the marketplace and to prepare for the future.  We are always ready to talk to you and discuss a custom package of services that matches your needs with Steiner’s unique capabilities.

Key Benefits

Ideas on:

  • Alternative Procurement Methods
  • Inventory Strategies
  • Production Planning
  • Menu Pricing
  • Menu Planning
  • Promotion Timing
  • Negotiating Strategies

Accurate Price and Production Forecast

Price and tonnage forecasts on specific products.  Also, we regularly track special interest products for individual clients.

Frequent Updates of Market Forecasts as Events Develop

Regular bi-weekly forecasts which are continually fine tuned as events in the marketplace develop.

Unbiased Knowledgeable Opinions

Because we work only for our clients, our analysis and opinions are not biased because of a position in the markets or because we need the client to buy something today when it would be in their best interest to delay a purchasing decision.

Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Purchasing and negotiating strategies;
  • Price analysis and forecasts;
  • Merchandising and strategic planning;
  • Computerized scheduling programs;
  • Market condition reports;
  • Consulting on hedging and cross hedging. Covering from training on how to get it done for your company to actually executing trades for clients;
  • Evaluation of forward contracting;
  • Computerized Least Cost Programs.


Every client has unique needs.  We will be happy to quote you a monthly fee matching services that meet your special needs upon your request.

You should know that Steiner’s philosophy is that we must continually provide you with value to earn our fees.  Therefore, you will have a 30 day written cancellation option at any time.  You will never need to make any long-term commitment for the services outlined above.

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