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Risk Management

Steiner works closely with you to provide risk management solutions tailored to your needs and your risk profile.

Commodity markets have become increasingly volatile, reflecting the modern realities of globalization. The increase in volatility and the need by companies to manage risk have given rise to a multitude of complex financial products which, in theory, provide margin protection to food producers, manufacturers and retailers.

The reality, however, is that a company needs to have an integrated system that tracks the constituent risk of each SKU and how it relates to the market for specific commodities. Without understanding the risk exposure at the granular level, a company can quickly slide into a negative position before executive management gets in sync with moves in the market. We work closely with some of our clients to flesh out their overall risk exposure and then break it down for specific commodities. Our recommendations on forward coverage benefit greatly from our view and understanding of commodity markets, our day to day interactions with market participants. And our strong market reporting knowledge helps provide this information to company decision makers in an intuitive and easy to understand format.

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